Privacy Policy

Staff 2000 is a company that is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of all Service Users and Staff and understands that confidentiality is subject to a legal framework. Staff 2000 also understands that in certain circumstances there is a legal obligation to share certain types of information. This confidentiality agreement applies to ALL Staff 2000 staff.

Confidential Information

  • Confidential information can be defined as; all personal information about
    members of the public held in whatever form by the service
  • Information given to an individual member of staff belongs to Staff 2000 and
    not the individual employee

Good Practice Guidelines
Staff 2000 aims to:

  • ensure that information given, and discussions held about, Service Users are purposeful and necessary, not trivialising and that all “in confidence” information about a Service Users is treated as such
  • seek the Service Users permission before passing on personal information to family and friends, and where appropriate, arrange meetings with Service Users, their family or friends, if requested, with the Service Users’ permission
  • communicate effectively, when a Service User is considered to be at risk, with other professionals as necessary, not necessarily with the Service Users’ permission. Attempts will be made to inform the Service User of communications that have been made with other professional bodies
  • ensure that all Staff 2000 staff do not discuss Service User issues with other Service users. The only exception will be if there is a grievance issue or serious cause for concern for the welfare or safety of another Service User/Person
  • inform Service Users that any information given by them to a Staff 2000 employee is considered to be given to the team as a whole not just to that particular individual
  • ensure that confidential information sent by fax, email, telephone remains confidential, kept private with as little information sent as possible to protect the identity of individuals should an error in sending occur. Advance warning of faxes and emails should be sent and receipts requested to ensure that the recipient is the correct one. Telephone calls should be kept as private as possible.

Information may only be disclosed:-

  • with the Service User or staff members’ consent for a particular purpose
  • if the information is required by law or under a court order
  • if the information is in the child’s best interest (Child Protection Cases)
  • where there are concerns for a Vulnerable Adult and it is deemed that the adult lacks capacity to make an informed decision or the information is required in the public interest
  • when the disclosure is justified for any other purpose – usually the protection of the public i.e. serious crime

Information may NOT be disclosed:-

  • where a Service User or member of staff has expressed a wish that it is withheld (However, where a greater public interest exceeds the individual’s right to confidentiality this agreement may not be honoured)
  • where it involves HIV, AIDS, STI’s, Assisted Conception and Abortions

No Secrets
Staff should never promise to keep secrets. The limits of confidentiality should be explained at the outset of any Service Agreement between Service Users and Staff 2000.

Confidentiality Policy
This policy will be given to all staff, and to Service Users on request.

Breaches of Confidentiality Policy and Agreement
Breaches of this agreement and policy will be treated as a serious matter and may be dealt with under disciplinary procedure.